5 Ups & 4 Downs From WWE NXT (Aug 12)

Big Keith's on fire. No, seriously...
"Guess who's back? Back again".

Whilst it might seem odd to begin a recap of 2020 NXT by including lyrics from a 2002 Eminem song, there is a purpose to it. NXT has some old-school vibes (yes, 2002 is old-school - no, nobody should be fine with that) and likes to follow the same, straightforward beats that 'Without Me' favours.

Also, much like Shady's track, it can be a little annoying.

This week's show gamely pushed some stories ahead in time for TakeOver XXX, but you'll notice there was an almost equal number of 'Downs' to 'Ups'. Again, there's a reason for that. The broadcast occasionally hit highs that reeked of classic NXT, then it dipped and started to show flashes of the same crummy hiccups one can see on Raw or SmackDown beneath that black and yellow exterior.

Obviously, no wrestling show is perfect, and the Wednesday night delight is a perpetual easy watch that's hardly ever awful. However, some key characters feel like they're being totally wasted right now, and the brand's presentation has just become less interesting thanks to one commentary addition...

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