5 Ups & 4 Downs From WWE SmackDown (July 3)


4. Bringing It...Via Zoom

Maybe this one wouldn't have been a 'Down' had it happened before the IC Title match.

Daniel Bryan's Zoom calls were a distraction to the action going on between AJ Styles and his good pal Drew Gulak. It never really felt like Bryan was in-tune with what was happening (his comments were rather disconnected from the match), and that was a shame when AJ and Gulak were working tirelessly.

It also felt weird that Dan wouldn't be there to cheer on his buddy. Sure, the narrative did leave room for some 'Drew is his own man' stuff, but these guys are supposed to be training partners, great friends and a solid unit these days. That never came across.

The Zoom idea was kinda' generic, didn't enhance the match at all and made it seem like Bryan was too busy doing other things to really pay attention. It would've been better had WWE removed his chatter or had Daniel talk to Gulak post-match.


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