5 Ups & 7 Downs For AEW In 2023 (So Far)

An erratic feel has blighted AEW's 2023 thus far, but the highs have been HUGE.

Some will glance at the 'Ups' and 'Downs' counts, scoff and then instantly figure there's an epic AEW slagging coming. Not quite. In fact, there's a lot to be cheerful about from the first six months of All Elite programming in 2023. Sadly, it's just that...well, the negatives have been a bit more abundant.

There's time for that to change, obviously. Tony Khan has some seriously-satisfying moments to look forward to between June-December. Specifically, he can point to a historic date in the UK and the magic of that coming Wembley Stadium show. Then, there will be other twists and turns along the way.

That's the beauty of pro wrestling - it's ever-changing.

CM Punk will be back soon, and his return handily lines up with the debut of Collision. AEW's brand new Saturday night show will supplant Rampage as the company's 'B' show. Depending on viewership and overall fan interest, it could even equal 'A' show Dynamite long-term.

So, what's been good and bad about the first part of AEW's year? Let the differing opinions commence, because you will not agree with everything here. That's fine, but here goes...

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