5 Ups And 5 Downs From NXT TakeOver: WarGames


5. Percy Pointless

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I'm sure Percy Watson is an absolutely lovely bloke, and there's no pleasure to be had in blasting personal derision in his direction... but what on Earth does he offer to NXT's commentary team? What's the actual reason he's taking up an extra chair?

Throughout TakeOver, Watson's contributions were so irregular that they felt like radio interference, a frequency on a similar wavelength annoyingly crossing with the main feed. When he did muster the confidence to pipe up, it was seldom worth it, offering little in the way of insight or flavour. Compared to the boundlessly emotive Mauro Ranallo and exceptionally perceptive Nigel McGuinness, poor Percy can't hold a candle. Not even one of those naff LED tealights which adorned Aleister Black's entrance.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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