5 Wrestlers In Vince McMahon's Doghouse Right Now

Who's in deep shiznit?


2019 is a strange year, and we're only in March. Remember that time Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Ricochet and Aleister Black turned up on RAW lol?

It feels like a bygone era already.

Ciampa's major neck issues caught up to him (helpfully accelerated by a profoundly unnecessary pair of main roster appearances). Gargano lasted less time than Nikki Cross. And just when he was starting to like the dark! Ricochet and Black meanwhile, having encountered a rammed singles scene that tends to happen six weeks ahead of WrestleMania, instead formed the tag team Air Goth for reasons that still aren't clear. To illustrate the pervading insanity this year, think of the last WWE talent you'd expect sent to Vince McMahon's notorious doghouse. The very last guy.

JBL? Nope; a quick payout later, and he found himself commentating at the Rumble again.

John Cena? He prefers to spend his time in Hollywood these days, but no matter. He gave everything while he was there.

Earlier this year, the Undertaker - the Undertaker! - pissed Vince off by daring to make money outside of WWE's empire. It's not as Vince offered him a spot in the XFL, but then again, 'Taker does take a knee, and that won't do. Things appear to have been smoothed out now, as a rumoured 'Mania appearance beckons.

This is assuredly not the case for this man...

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