5 Wrestlers Who Will Get Over In AEW (And 5 Who Won't)

In which the 'A' in AEW is a bit like the 'E' in WWE...

Scott Lesh

AEW has promised a pro wrestling utopia by promoting itself as the tonal opposite of WWE's sports entertainment dystopia.

Wins and losses matter; every card is announced in advance; no promos are scripted; every performer is permitted to get over under their own in-ring style; several performers, not least of which Orange Cassidy and Joey Janela, would never be presented like this in a WWE ring, if even presented at all; Jim Ross has turned babyface by being presented not as a joke but the most authoritative, respected voice in all of wrestling: AEW was seemingly drawn together by a focus group of lapsed WWE fans mourning what they miss about "this great sport". Also, Tony Schiavone is back, he's out there calling MJF a prick, and all is right in the wrestling world.

That's the marketing - the reality hasn't quite lived up to it yet, likely because it can't - and it has proven so effective that crowds are almost desperate to connect with or give a chance to every talent. It's a weird subversion of how all of this works: the fans are proactively getting stars over, not being won over.

The novelty won't last.

With thanks to Scott Lesh for use of his stunning photography.


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