5 Wrestling Crimes Sexy Star Committed

Has one of the most divisive figures in women's professional wrestling gone too far?

Lucha Underground

Sexy Star. For many, she was an inspirational figure, a woman who donned a mask to champion the rights of those who have been abused or mistreated in their lives. That's very admirable.

But until a week or so ago, it's possible you hadn't even heard of her. After all, plenty of wrestling fans don't watch Lucha Underground or AAA.

But you probably have now. The same night that Conor McGregor touched gloves with Floyd Mayweather, Mexican promotion AAA held their Triplemania XXV event, and Sexy Star injured another competitor, Global Force Wrestling's Rosemary.

Rosemary has been a bright spot on the TNA/Impact/GFW roster since her debut in January 2016, not only garnering plenty of fans, but plenty of supporters among her fellow wrestlers.

It's easy to forget that TNA/Impact's Knockouts have been flag-bearers for women's wrestling for more than a decade. And Rosemary is an important, much-beloved part of the GFW resurgence. Unfortunately for Sexy Star, she couldn't have picked a more sympathetic target.

And now, all eyes are now on her and AAA, but for all the wrong reasons.

Because this isn't the masked luchadora's first time under the critical spotlight. No, this is simply the latest and most egregious of her crimes against wrestling.

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