5 WWE Champions Who Could Have Jumped To MMA

5. Kurt Angle

Well all know Kurt Angle is a legit athlete. We all know he's an Olympic gold medallist. Oh it's true - it's damn true. You may have even heard that Kurt Angle considered moving to MMA for a while. How close did that come to being reality? Well, in 2011, Dana White confirmed that he had offered Angle a chance to compete in the UFC - on The Ultimate Fighter Season 10, the same season YouTube sensation Kimbo Slice appeared on. Angle had spent a large part of 2010 and early 2011 talking about making an attempt at fighting in the UFC, especially due to the success of Brock Lesnar, but according to White, Angle couldn't pass the medical tests required to be cleared to fight. Angle was training with a virtually unknown gym (Pittsburgh Fight Club) at the time, and was definitely doing what he could to promote a possible UFC appearance, talking about fighting Slice on PPV (which White confirmed was never an option). With his wrestling background he no doubt could have made a go of it - had he attempted it about 5-10 years earlier.

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