5 WWE Incest Angles We'd Rather Forget

There's taboo and then there's tab-eeew.

The Burchills

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Perplexingly, WWE has been guilty of this in a number of shocking and uncomfortable ways. One of the most infamous and unsuccessful examples of this is the company's seeming insistence that incest is a viable basis for a wrestling storyline.

When you look back at the subjects WWE has implemented in storylines, be it necrophilia, mental disabilities, transgender and fat shaming as well as terrorism fueled scare mongering, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that they would throw some incest into the mix as well.

Luckily, WWE's PG direction has saved us from any ill fated rehashes of this trend but let us look back at 5 times WWE tried to kick start a storyline based on two family members doing the dirty.

5. Torrie Wilson And Dawn Marie (Stepmother And Daughter)

dawn torrie

We'll get off to a relatively tame start here as I must warn you, this list gets very weird, very fast. In late 2002 Dawn Marie developed a storyline relationship with Torrie Wilson's real life father, Al. The two played up the whole 'gold digger' aspect of the relationship and Torrie was furious that her future step-mom was to be one of her rivals.

The two were engaged yet Dawn claimed that she would call off the wedding if Torrie would join her in a hotel room for one night. Torrie arrived complete with a full camera crew as fans watched Dawn strip her future step daughter to her underwear before disrobing herself and taking part in what one might call "heavy petting". Though not purported to be related by blood, this was still a woman forced into a compromising position by her step-mother.

Ultimately Dawn and Al would still get married yet Al would meet his maker after heart failure due to... how shall we say? Excessive vigorous activity during the honeymoon? That's right folks, in storyline terms, Dawn Marie boinked Torrie Wilson's dad to death.

In the wild world of WWE, what happens when a rival kills your father? Why, you have a series of PPV matches before winning a loser leaves town match of course. I bet Christmas is always a bit frosty at the Wilson household.


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