5 WWE Money In The Bank Babyfaces Who Cashed In Like Heels

"Remember kids, it's not the journey that matters, it's the destination!"

Big E cash in

In the now terrifyingly-distant year of 2006, Edge made history by becoming the first ever Money in the Bank winner to cash in on an injured champion.

Edge's decision to force John Cena into a title fight immediately after the latter had just fought an Elimination Chamber match was a brilliant heel move and set the template for almost every cash-in that followed.

The past 15 years have seen nearly 30 wrestlers holding the coveted briefcase, and the vast majority have followed in the footsteps of the Ultimate Opportunist. Most Money in the Bank holders have the morality of a starving hyena, pouncing on their prey at its most vulnerable.

The champion's had a gruelling match? "RING THE BELL!" Carrying an obvious injury? "RING THE BELL!" Been beaten down by another wrestler? Chuck your morals out the window, grab your briefcase and "RING THE BELL!"

Don't get us wrong - most of the entries on this list were met with wild applause by the audience. Few things are more cheering than watching a jerk get their comeuppance, after all. It's just a little weird that, for a few precious moments, the appearance of an ostentatious briefcase causes all conventional storytelling logic to go out the window as we celebrate our heroes taking the easy route to victory...

5. Bayley

Remember when Bayley was the hottest babyface in wrestling? This actually happened years after the fact.

When Bayley cashed in on Charlotte (the only wrestler to have been cashed in on by three separate wrestlers, fact fans) in 2019, she was suffering the effects of two years of horrendous booking. The defiant underdog of NXT had been transformed into an ineffectual wimp on the main roster, resulting in increasing crowd indifference to the original (and best) Role Model.

Right up until this moment. (5:34 in the above video).

To give some context, Charlotte had just beaten Becky Lynch for the Smackdown Championship and was continuing the beatdown after the match. In the ensuing scuffle, Charlotte concussed herself on the ring post and Bayley took advantage, pinning the Queen after using her MitB advantage.

Pinning an opponent who had already fought that night is hardly typical Role Model behaviour, but the crowd couldn't have cared less. Sick of seeing WWE creative run roughshod over Bayley, the WWE Universe (apologies for the McMahonism) urged her to seize the opportunity and pick up a much-needed win.

The crowd's ecstatic reaction to Bayley's victory showed that, if Bayley does indeed become a babyface again when she returns from injury, the crowd will be more than happy to cheer for the former Hugger.


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