6 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (July 7)

In which Global Farce Wrestling is also really good (!).

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New York Post

Is the wrestling landscape shifting?

New Japan Pro Wrestling marauded into America last weekend and generated significant buzz with, on the face of it, their two worst major shows of the year. Even with the handicap of a totally past-it, botchy Billy Gunn in a prominent position on the card, the league proved why it is the premier wrestling promotion on the planet.

Meanwhile, over in WWE, John Cena mispronounced Bulgaria as "Bulge-area" to initiate a rehash of his rivalry with Rusev on this week's SmackDown, which follows just two years and zero character development later. Titus O'Neil continues to hype his "Brand" to precisely zero audience reaction. The heat-less and repetitive Noam Dar/Cedric Alexander/Alicia Fox live triangle is still ongoing six months later. It's as if the company is Henry VIII, morbidly obese and eating itself into a stupor with no care for itself whatsoever. Henry in his twilight years was moved about with the help of mechanical inventions; WWE lurches from one show to the next abetted only by its world class roster.

Of all people, Roseanne Barr is getting in on the NJPW craze. Slowly, the company is penetrating the mainstream consciousness in parallel with WWE's fading popularity.

Even Global Force Wrestling shunted WWE from the conversation this week...


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