6 Reasons The 'American Bad Ass' Undertaker Would Rock WWE

The Undertaker is ripe for a shake-up...

The Undertaker is the single most enduring character in WWE history. Perhaps the biggest success Mark Calaway can point to since debuting in 1990 has been his ability to keep things fresh. Initially, the character was an undead zombie, but the man has also played a Satanic 'Lord Of Darkness' and supernatural phenomenon, amongst others. One of the most startling shifts was when 'Taker returned at Judgment Day 2000 as something completely fresh. Going by the nickname, 'American Bad Ass', The Undertaker was suddenly more realistic than ever before. Looking to throw their weight behind this drastic new direction, the creative team handed 'Taker more mic time and morphed him into an uncompromising brawler. Calaway's real-life wife at the time, Sara was even eventually added into storylines. By the time WrestleMania XX in 2004 rolled around, WWE had decided to return 'Taker to his roots. Ever since then, the character has been pretty content as 'The Deadman'. However, after Undertaker shockingly returned to confront Brock Lesnar at Battleground, there's been talk of the 'American Bad Ass' biker persona returning. This article explores the viability of such a theory, and looks at the plus points of The Undertaker becoming more 'human' once more. Would it work in today's WWE? Also, just what would it mean for the future of the infamous character?


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