6 Ups & 2 Downs From AEW Rampage (Oct 22)

PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo II delivers; Anna Jay shines bright; Cody Rhodes gets revenge.

Andrade El Idolo PAC

AEW delivered a bonus 'Buy In' on top of last week's Rampage. That turned the show (assuming fans watched the whole lot) into a two-hour episode that rivalled anything you'd find on Dynamite. Then, they offered another two hours on Saturday, and the promotion plan to do largely the same thing this weekend.

Bring it on.

Of course, more content means a greater risk of overexposure, but All Elite smartly restrict Rampage to just a few stars every week. The upshot of this is that nobody lacks the necessary TV time or gets lost in the shuffle. It's a wonderful system, and it's why Rampage has quickly become the best 60 minutes on wrestling telly.

Friday's episode was no different. AEW delivered a must-see rematch, a surprisingly-awesome grudge bout and started the World Title Eliminator tourney. They also capped off the show with a major run-in that set the scene for one of Dynamite's biggest bouts.

It's hard to argue when the product is booked this strongly, and only a few negatives blighted the Rampage landscape. They're up first...

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