6 Ups & 3 Downs From WWE NXT UK (24 June)

Dragunov gets WALTER, Teoman finds a friend, Davenport is coming soon.

WALTER Ilja Dragunov

Why can't NXT UK be this gratifying each week?

There was a lot to discuss amongst yourselves coming out of last night's show, ranging from the confirmation of another marquee WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov clash following their October epic to the signing of Blair Davenport to the formation of Teoman and Rohan Raja's alliance. Not all were that high-calibre, as you can tell, however, there was something meaningful to take away from WWE's Thursday night offering.

The in-ring product was a clear step ahead of the norm, too. Stevie Turner vs. Laura di Matteo, while far from the brand's crispest contest, was good. Teoman vs. Oliver Carter was a few minutes short of being considered a legitimate banger. Need we say more about the Rampage Brown, Joe Coffey, and Ilja Dragunov main event?

That the only downsides to the episode were three short, pointless interactions and the night's opener - a technically sound match that simply didn't work in the context it was placed in - are a step in the right direction. NXT UK are focusing on the more superior stories, at least for this week.

This needs to remain the case going forward. Let's get to it...

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