6 Ups & 4 Downs From Last Night's NXT (Jan 15)

DI-Why Though?

Kieth Lee

If somebody had told you a few weeks ago that NXT would feel like unmissable viewing because we were desperate to see the fallout from a UK TakeOver show, you... well, you wouldn't have laughed in their face but you'd probably have started a group chat purely to tell your friends the rubbish they were coming out with.

While that sentiment is probably still only about 85% true this week, that's still as close to it as we're ever likely to get. Worlds Collide has quietly built an excellent card, and the British imports on it feel like an essential cog in the machine. None of this really makes sense, but judging by the noise that greeted Undisputed Era sticking one on Imperium this weekend, you'd never have guessed.

And lo did we move forward to this week's episode of NXT. Add to the WC build some tantalising clashes in the much-maligned Dusty Rhodes Classic and a hotly two hours of television was in store. Having the absurd depth of the women's division all go at it in the main-event was simply the icing on Wednesday night's most wrestling-y cake, but would the show live up to its understandable hype.

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