6 Ups & 4 Downs From Vader's Legendary Wrestling Career

The Master Don

A common habit among wrestling fans when a performer sadly passes is to rank their places amongst their direct peers. How did 'X' stack up against 'Y' or 'Z', and so on. It's not really a fair assessment of a legacy either - many performers have been objectively good at many things, enough to earn significant plaudits when they leave this mortal coil. And truthfully, how they compared to their nearest and dearest matters about as little in death as it probably did when they were alive.

And yet with all that said...Vader was the f*cking best big man.

Though he could soar backwards through the sky with a terrifying moonsault and bounce off the ropes ahead of dropping his killer Vader Bomb, 'The Mastadon' was as good as he was because of the things he was supposed to do with his size, not the ones that beggared belief because of it. He was a human brick wall that happened to hit back - the man that threw fists and fire long before Jim Ross made it a Stone Cold Steve Austin trademark, and even had inanimate headgear that shot out smoke to foreshadow the furnace of fury his opponents were about to enter.

Vader really will rest in power rather than piece - it was how his character lived, and the legacy he'll leave behind.

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