6 Ups And 3 Downs From Last Night's NXT (June 3)

The ironically named 'Go Home' show for In Your House.

Imperium Biven

Even in this era of NXT (and just, like, wrestling in general) feeling like it's the least important thing in the world right now, NXT really felt like it was the least important thing in the world right now. With America undergoing the most necessary protests its seen in a generation and WWE, despite the role it played in getting us here, making a public show of their solidarity with it, spoonfeeding us two hours of sports entertainment felt like a distraction.

Still though, if the trivial matter of a worldwide health crisis isn't (present tense) enough to get them to stick some reruns on, then nobody was assuming this would be. After all, there's a PPV of sorts to build towards, as well as the exciting conclusion of the Did They Exploit 40 Million Job Losses For A Wrestling Angle Tournament.

In all seriousness though, if the last few days are beginning to take a toll on your energy, your mental health, anything, you could do a lot worse than take two hours to yourself and enjoy some wrestling. The politics of being 'on' all the time are as complex as all the other politics so don't beat yourself up for getting 'off' for a little bit. NXT's a distraction from the vital issues being protested right now, but it's as good a one as any.

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