6 Ups And 4 Downs From NXT Roadblock 2023

Former NXT mainstay returns, title match confirmed, Roxanne empties the tank.

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WWE’s developmental brand has certainly had its moments of late, delivering some fun, breezy television with good wrestling mixed in. Sure, NXT still has plenty of filler and crap, but if you’re willing to set your expectations at a certain level, Tuesday nights can be fun wrestling viewing.

NXT Roadblock was a pretty good super-show overall, with a fantastic main event, a surprise return and some decent story developments. It also had its share of groan-inducing moments. The tag division looks as uninteresting as it has in a long time with Gallus boys on top. The Toxic Attract implosion felt like just another match where the feud must continue. And the latest Tony D’Angelo weapons fight was less than advertised.

But Roxanne Perez once again showed that she’s the real deal. A Raw superstar returned to NXT to put Grayson Waller in his place. And Bron Breakker will finally collide with a new challenger who has been waiting in the wings for what seems like forever.

As a TV special, this was just fine. But as a table-setter for NXT Stand and Deliver, this overdelivered. Things are shaping up pretty well for that show and could be a great opening to WrestleMania weekend.

Let’s get to it…

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