6 Wrestlers Who Turned Down WWE Hall Of Fame

X-Pac, Scott Steiner, and other Superstars who said "no" to WWE's Hall of Fame.


After a wrestler has captured championship gold, toured the world, evoked emotion from millions of fans, and has their face plastered on questionable merch, for many, the only thing left for the final act of a wrestling career is a place in WWE’s Hall of Fame.

It has been a gripe of fans and industry insiders outside of the WWE machine that the Hall of Fame does not have a physical location. Some argue that this somewhat cheapens the honour and reduces it to the evening of the ceremony and a HOF tag on a wrestler’s convention sign. Even if it is imaginary, many of wrestling’s most desired trinkets are (see Vince McMahon’s brass ring), it remains the end goal for many a performer.

A Hall of Fame induction has become a rite of passage for countless wrestlers, cementing them as legends. The ceremony itself allows for the honoured to thank their colleagues and fans, and for them in turn to show their appreciation.

However, some wrestlers have more personal reasons why they refused a Hall of Fame nomination, turning down an opportunity that countless others would jump through hoops for...


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