6 Wrestling Moments That Had A Major Long-Term Impact

The little moments make a big difference.

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On 15 December 1997, Vince McMahon, the WWE commentator recently 'ousted' on-screen as the company's owner, delivered a direct address to followers of his increasingly ribald product - and more specifically, its detractors.

Attempting to justify the once family-appropriate product's rapid descent into ribaldry, McMahon opined that, "you, the audience, are quite frankly, tired of having your “intelligence insulted”. Simplistic morality tales were out the window; in their place, complex narratives where the divide between good and evil was not so clear, more demanding and befitting of an emotionally maturing audience. As in other form of "extemporaneous" drama, the details, and not just the broadest of strokes, mattered.

Fast forward quarter of a century or so, and WWE barely trusts its viewers to remember a plot line for the duration of an ad break. The most basic beats are hammered home ad nauseum, literally nothing is left unsaid, and character arcs often last all of two months before being given a hard reset. Indeed, such has been the dumbing down of WWE's content that on his way out, Shawn Spears turned McMahon's word back on him, telling his soon to be ex-boss, "We're insulting their intelligence."

That's a royal 'we' as it applies to Vince however, because it's not for a lack of trying on the wrestler's part. Pay enough attention to the work of the industry's best, and you might just rewarded months - possibly years - down the line.

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