6 Wrestling Screwjobs Other Than THAT One

3. Frank Gotch Vs. George Hackenschmidt

Antonio Inoki IWGP Champion
[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, way back in 1911, screwjobs were already being pulled on major talents. Except, this time around, it wasn't a promoter responsible. It was one of the wrestlers themselves.

Frank Gotch was set to battle former champion George Hackenschmidt in wrestling's first "Rematch of the Century", but wanted to ensure things went his way, so he arranged for a hooker -- a submission expert or bonebreaker, a different worker for hire than you expected -- to wreck Hackenschmidt's knee before the match.

With a record-breaking gate on the line -- $87,000, which in 2017 equates to over $2 million dollars -- the promoters kept the injury a secret, despite Hackenschmidt's desire to pull out of the match.

Gotch then told Hackenschmidt not to worry about the injury, as he'd make sure Hackenschmidt looked good by giving him one of the falls in the best-of-three-falls match scheduled.

So, naturally, Gotch went back on his word, double-crossing Hackenschmidt and beating him in two quick falls.

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