6 WWE Battleground Results Predictions

Big results as WWE looks to fire up their summer season.

WWE Battleground is live this Sunday from St Louis, Missouri, headlined by one of the biggest WWE title matches of the year. Seth Rollins versus Brock Lesnar promises to be a fascinating battle, the sublime ability of the champion against the destructive force of the challenger. It has a big fight feel to it, the sense of occasion that makes it unmissable. The co-main event is John Cena putting his US Title on the line against Kevin Owens. This also carries huge expectations, as both men look to follow up on the quality of their previous two battles. The rest of the card is average. Roman Reigns versus Bray Wyatt, and Randy Orton versus Sheamus, are the highlights of the mid-card. The Prime Time Players versus The New Day, and R Truth versus King Barrett, make up the rest of the action. But coming out of the show, it should be the major angles that are getting talked about as much as the matches. The Undertaker is widely tipped to return on Sunday, with other surprises also said to be on the table. The inside word is that WWE are looking to present a really blockbuster show as they continue to fight for Network subscribers. Here's the results and angles that are likely to play out...
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