6 WWE Stars Who Could Join The Club

The best candidates to join (or rejoin) AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson in The Club!


With Ricochet getting over and The Good Brothers seemingly staying put, the recent revival of The Club must go down as a huge win for WWE. AJ Styes has come out of this looking better than ever, reinventing and positioning himself for another run at the top and feels like he's caught a second wind.

Now the question becomes where do The Club go from here? If they stay a trio it will start to feel a lot more like they just did the whole revival to keep Gallows and Anderson out of the competition's hands and the good programming was a short-lived happy accident. Therefore it stands to reason that the brilliant minds in WWE creative are hard at work crafting a plan to who should be the next in line to throw up the too sweet and get that sweet heel momentum!

Which is why this article is here; to beat them to it so they will hopefully just steal these ideas instead. Here's six potential candidates who could become The Club's newest member...


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