7 Best WWE Flag Matches Ever

It's not a common gimmick match, but this will get you ready for SummerSlam's most patriotic match.

A Flag Match is an uncommon stipulation that WWE has decided to bring back at SummerSlam this Sunday. This year's Flag Match features American "We The People" patriot Jack Swagger taking on "Russian" that is actually Bulgarian named Rusev. At this point, WWE has failed to announce exactly what the stipulations are for it. We just know the flags will be there. The rules of flag matches have changed over the years in WWE. Some of them have the rule that the winner of the match is determined by pinfall or submission and then after the match is over they get to carry their flag out as a victory celebration. Other times they did the match where a flag was located by the turnbuckle and the first person or team to retrieve it was the winner of the match. There's a reason why a Flag Match is so rare in WWE. Quite frankly, they're usually not very good. It's hard to have an entertaining match when you're climbing up a pole to retrieve a flag. Fans are used to reacting to pinfalls or submissions. Guys climbing a pole just looks stupid. That's why there hasn't been a Flag Match on WWE PPV since 1997 and the last one was a forgettable Smackdown match two years ago. Here's a look at seven of the best Flag Matches in WWE history.
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