7 Interesting WWE Matches For A Shawn Michaels Comeback

Will The Heartbreak Kid become the Comeback Kid... again?


If you're a fan of the superhero comics, you know that in many ways, professional wrestling is the truest form of that genre. Both feature over-the-top characters, long, epic stories with different histories intertwined, and, most crucially, anything that's supposed to be permanent is bullcrap.

For comics, that's a character's death. For wrestling, it's retirement.

It would seem as though not even Shawn Michaels, whose in-ring career ostensibly ended at WrestleMania XXVI at the hands of The Undertaker, is immune from un-retirement. With WWE heavily teasing it on television and Dave Meltzer reporting the planned comeback at November's Saudi Arabia show, it looks like the Heartbreak Kid will once again don his chaps and return to the ring as a competitor. Now that we're faced with the prospect of a third HBK run in the company, it is our job as people who throw words together about wrestling online to come up with fantasy matchups.

Fair warning: this article is not going to be "List of great workers who should have 5 Star matches with HBK." Shawn Michaels isn't going to have a feud with Johnny Gargano or Andrade "Cien" Almas or what have you. The people on this list either have an intriguing history or connection to Shawn Michaels, or they would truly benefit from and naturally fit a program with the Showstopper.


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