7 Most Infuriating Last Minute WWE PPV Changes

A WWE card is always subject to change.

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Even during creatively barren spells of WWE programming, it's hard not to get excited in the hours leading up to a pay-per-view.

Kevin Dunn might be persona non grata amongst some circles of the wrestling fandom, but he has a lot to do with it. His peerless hype videos on otherwise cautious go-home shows strip away the dreaded filler and repetition synonymous with modern WWE feuds, and he re-contextualises what were obvious soundbites into marquee moments.

Wrestling fans in the United Kingdom especially are whipped into anticipatory frenzy as a result of the 1:00AM start time. We convince ourselves, in a state of considerable fatigue, that something momentous is about to occur. Why else would we caress our red eyeballs in an attempt to keep them open until 4:00AM?

Sleep deprivation is an effective method of torture. WWE have, on occasion, exacerbated this by slowly dripping water on the foreheads of fans by removing beloved wrestlers from premium shows - even when they knew damn well in advance that they'd have to reshuffle the deck.

More gallingly, sometimes an advertised match gets changed when there is absolutely no on or off-screen reason for it...

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