7 Most Shocking WWE Superstar Releases Of 2017

It's a brutal business.


Pretty much everyone on the WWE payroll not named Roman Reigns probably wakes up two or three times a night to check their phone for news that they've been made unemployed.

The company is seemingly ruthless when it comes to trimming its wage budget, so much so that it regularly announces batches of releases at the same time, in what is often depressingly referred in news reports to as a "clear-out".

You can't really blame Vince McMahon for trying to cut costs, to be fair, but part of the time it seems like he's shown the wrong employees the exit door; guys and girls that still appeared to have much to offer being kicked to the curb like yesterday's rubbish.

A common theme this year was performers who actually requested their own release in order to pursue new endeavours, a trend that was started in 2016 when Cody decided that his future was best served jet-setting around wrestling's growing independent circuit.

Whilst this development is probably a source of concern for management - particularly with Neville on the brink of departure - it must be a source of comfort for those who are given the chop. Contrary to popular belief, there is life after WWE.