7 New Wrestling Champions Who Immediately Did Something Stupid

What dopes.


There's no greater privilege in the wrestling biz than being crowned a company's world champion (with the possible exception of Global Force Wrestling's presumably still existent and presumably still luridly lime green strap). It's concrete proof of a wrestler's credentials as a top line star, and an investment of trust by a company who hopes they'll draw eyes to the product.

That trust goes both ways; being champion doesn't just bring glory, but also a certain set of responsibilities. As the flagship of a promotion, it's down to the top title holder to carry themselves in a way that makes people think, you know what? They know what they're doing. It's their job to elevate the brand as much as the brand elevates them.

Ideally, then, a new champion shouldn't carelessly lose the company's most prized asset within 24 hours of winning it, as they gorge on 10lbs of prime steak.

That's precisely what Chris Jericho did this past weekend, whilst celebrating his inauguration as AEW's top dog just a little too hard. In his case, the company have remembered it's 2019, and turned a comical story into a virtue.

Others haven't been so lucky following similar misdemeanours with brand new belts.

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