7 Possible Culprits Behind The Recent WWE TV Glitches

The recent glitches on SmackDown have the entire WWE Universe buzzing, but who could be behind them?


Recently, WWE have begun teasing us with one of those mysterious storylines where there is a recurring thing happening on TV for a number of weeks, without any possible explanation as to what it means or who could be behind it. This time, Vince and co. have done a surprisingly good job at presenting the angle, as the delivery has been based on subtlety and not bashing the audience over the head with.

For a number of weeks, people watching SmackDown on their screens have seen random glitches distort the video quality once or twice during the show. The initial guess would have been it was another manifestation of Bray Wyatt’s ever expanding list of superpowers. But as the shows progressed, neither commentators mentioned these glitches nor would they be implicated in any of Bray’s promos or segments.

The rumour mill has since been spinning furiously as to who could be behind these glitches. Could it be a returning superstar? Could it be a sensational debut? Of course, the expectations do need to be tempered slightly given so many of WWE’s storylines end up in Randy Orton’s hometown of Nowhere.

But, since WWE have bothered to give us this juicy narrative thread to feast upon, we would only be doing ourselves an injustice by letting cynicism bog us down. Who could be behind these glitches? Here are seven possible answers.


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