7 Questions With Rockstar Spud And Ethan Carter III

Grahame Herbert talks with Spud and EC3 about Hair vs Hair, Bill DeMott, TNA Problems and more.

Rockstar Spud is due to battle with Ethan Carter III on this week's TNA Impact Wrestling broadcast. It promises to be worth tuning in for, as this won't be just any old match, it will be a hair vs hair match. In anticipation for this, I had the chance to speak with Spud and EC3. We talked about their upcoming match, the Bill DeMott controversy, problems within TNA and much more. On the subject of the hair versus hair match, you can really tell how much it means to both of these guys. Make sure to tune in this Friday in the US, or 9pm this Sunday in the UK on Challenge TV.

7. What Can Fans Expect From This Week's Hair Vs Hair Battle?

EC3: Emotion. This match is more than just about shaving someone's head. Michael Jordan's competitiveness was described as "He didn't want to just win. He wanted to collect scalps." I have the same motivations and drive. I've won. A lot. I need more. The fans can expect a great story with a conclusion, which is what I think wrestling fans really want. This match is an opportunity for two men, who have worked a very long time, to be recognised. Spud and I took great pride in building to this moment and we will both wear this match on our sleeve. Which will be weird because we will both be shirtless. Spud: You're going to see one of (if not) the bloodiest battles in pro wrestling history. You're going to see drama and you're going to see a fight. Its not going to be for the weakened heart and its probably not going to be suitable for children or the squeamish. All I can promise you it is that it will always be remembered and you'll never forget it.
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