7 Reasons Nobody Has Really Missed John Cena

We can't see him, we don't miss him.

John Cena SmackDown

John Cena isn't the devil. We know - that's difficult to comprehend when WWE's previous poster boy (before Roman Reigns came along) is derided for dominating TV whenever he appears. Whilst Cena is certainly not the pox some make him out to be, SmackDown has benefited from his latest absence.

Others have been able to rise whilst Cena has been away, and there's been a fresh vibe to the Tuesday night product without his presence.

Last night, Cena returned to the blue brand as a free agent to reveal his future. Instead of committing to one brand, he made it clear he wishes to float between the two to maximise his dwindling time left in the business (in other words, to boost the ratings of both shows).

Before patriotically alighting in the blue ring to challenge Rusev yesterday, Cena's last major appearance came at WrestleMania 33. But have WWE fans badly missed 'Big Match John' in that time? Take a look at who has flourished during his time off and the answer is clear: no, they haven't.

WWE may be happy with Cena returning to (theoretically) ease the ratings sag, but he isn't quite the saviour you may think...


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