7 Reasons WWE Must Sign Bully Ray

When a talent like Bully Ray is available, WWE needs to bring him in.

The news was revealed last month that TNA Superstar Bully Ray (formerly Bubba Ray Dudley in WWE & ECW) informed the TNA roster that his contract his up. He told his peers that he wasn't sure if he was going to stick around. Since TNA is hurting right now and the future of the company is very much in doubt, fans started to speculate that maybe he'll go back to World Wrestling Entertainment. He hasn't said anything about it publicly, but it has to be something he's thinking about. Following his WWE departure in 2005, Ray went to TNA Wrestling with his partner Devon. They couldn't use the Dudley Boys name because WWE owned the rights to it, so they wrestled as Team 3D. For the next five years they proved that they were still one of the best tag teams in the history of wrestling. It was in late 2010 when Ray turned heel and went from Brother Ray to Bully Ray as a singles star. He became one of the biggest stars in the company over the next four years. Five years ago it made sense that WWE wouldn't want to bring him in. However, he's improved as a performer since then and if you look at his physique he looks like a completely different guy. When he was Brother Ray in TNA he was still pretty big, but he changed the way he looked as Bully Ray. He's ripped and in great shape. Give him a lot of credit to him for that. He looks like more of a badass now. He might be able to wrestle another five years into his late 40s. Some guys do. Some guys don't. It all depends on his health and his interest in wanting to take bumps for that long. It's likely that Bully Ray wants to go back to WWE. Why not? It's the bigger company that would give him major exposure again. Is WWE interested? We don't know, but here are seven reasons why they must sign Bully Ray and bring him back to the company that helped make him a star.
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