7 Things No WWE Fan Wants (That Will Probably Happen Soon)

There goes the money and here comes the pain...

Seth Rollins Universal

2019 has been a strange year to be a WWE fan so far.

For every Seth Rollins Universal Title win and unforeseen WWE Title tilt for Kofi Kingston, there's been the agony of Goldberg vs. The Undertaker's closing stretch at Super ShowDown and the misery of the 'Wild Card Rule'.

It's one of those catch situations. Just as things seem rosy in the garden and everything is looking up in one segment, along comes a creative meltdown to spoil it in another. WWE are caught in a weird position; TNA's cries of competition nine years ago aside, they've had it all their own way since 2001. Now, with the rise of AEW and genuine interest from the west about what New Japan are up to, cracks that once seemed small are now magnified.

Despite having some of the best workers on the planet at their disposal, WWE are struggling to stave off malcontent from an audience who have grown used to publicly demonstrating their frustrations. That has led some to peer through cracks in their fingers as the second half of 2019 looms.

'They wouldn't, would they?' is this generation's war cry...


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