7 Things You Should Know About WWE Royal Rumble 2001

6. Chyna Did An Overly Dramatic Stretcher Job

Ivory was a part of the heel Right to Censor group and she was the WWE Women's Champion. Chyna challenged her as the dominant babyface that seemed like a lock to win the match. She was on offense for the entire match while Ivory could never get going. The backstory going into the match was that Chyna suffered a neck injury, so she was vulnerable going into it. It looked like a very easy win for Chyna. She even knocked down Steven Richards and sent him out of the ring too. Three minutes into the match, Chyna did a handspring back elbow spot in the corner. Once she hit Ivory, she grabbed her neck and collapsed. Ivory covered for the cheap win even though she didn't hit an offensive move during the whole match. After the match, announcer Jerry Lawler, Chyna's friend Billy Gunn, referees and doctors checked on her. It was a major injury angle that might have fooled some people into thinking it was legit. Jim Ross was using his serious voice to talk about it and then a stretcher came out to wheel her out of the arena. The whole thing was a work, but in wrestling you never know. Chyna returned to action to win the Women's Title from Ivory at WrestleMania 17 and then she really wasn't in WWE for much longer after that.

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