7 Things You Should Know About WWE Royal Rumble 2002

6. Ric Flair And Vince McMahon Had A Bloody Street Fight

The Vince McMahon/Ric Flair match was built up well since Flair was brought into WWE as the co-owner of the company. He was the face and Vince was the heel. It was Flair's Rumble return after being away for nine years. McMahon looked like the fittest 56 year old man alive as he faced off with the 52 year old Flair. Like with most McMahon matches, weapons were allowed in the match because they made it a Street Fight. It was a way for Vince to get through a match without using traditional wrestling holds. It wasn't a surprise that Flair was busted open and was a bloody mess after getting tossed into a sign at ringside. Flair bled more than any big name wrestler in the history of the business or at least it felt that way. McMahon worked on the cut during the match with a number of weapons. Flair made the comeback as the babyface and the crowd was really into it. Flair did a big KO spot with a TV monitor that sent Vince over the announce table and that cut him open too. There was actually a gross spot where Flair bit the bloody forehead of McMahon while his kids at ringside took pictures of it. Biting on a man's bloody head? That's disgusting. Flair used a pipe to knock out Vince, which was nice payback because Vince did that on Raw. Then Flair applied the Figure Four Leglock, Vince quit and Flair got the win that way. For a couple of guys in their 50s they showed the young guys how to have an entertaining brawl.

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