7 Times Wrestling Promotions Turned Lemons Into Lemonade

When life gives you lemons hit them with a steel chair!


Just like in life, in professional wrestling nothing is guaranteed. Plans change more than Big Show switches from face to heel for a number of reasons out of anybody's control, from injuries to contract disputes to world altering viruses. As a result, storylines and advertised matches have to be postponed or cancelled all together. Lemons.

Just like in life, what professional wrestling promotions choose to do with these lemons is entirely up to them. Do they suck on them, give up on what was planned and sweep it under the rug? Or do they work with them and craft these lemons into something new, fresh and often times better than what was originally planned? Lemonade.

Here, we will dive into seven times wrestling promotions have done just that, turning negatives into positives with the resources they have left at their disposal, stepping in the squared circle with these lemons, getting up in their face, crashing them to the mat with a bodyslam and diving off the top rope repetitively until these lemons are nothing but a juicy stain on the mat ready to be made into lemonade!


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