7 TNA Gimmicks WWE Should Steal

Three words: Main Event Mafia...

AJ Styles TNA Champion

TNA gets a bit of a bad rap on social media these days. It seems like Impact Wrestling has become an industry-wide joke that's good for a giggle and nothing else, and that's not strictly fair; without TNA, we probably wouldn't have AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Xavier Woods (and thus, no New Day), or Samoa Joe in WWE.

On that note, the company extended the careers of favourites like Sting and gave Kurt Angle a place to prove his status as a wrestling machine when WWE were willing to wash their hands of him. No, TNA was never perfect, but it has given the industry quite a lot. And there's even more there for the taking should Vince McMahon be down for a bit of idea plunderin'.

TNA history is crammed with gimmicks and ideas WWE could use today. Impact themselves don't use any of these things, so why not recycle the potential of an unpolished pay-per-view points system or create a faction everybody would love to hate?

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