7 Ups & 1 Down From IMPACT Wrestling (16 Sep)

Team Cage vs. Team Austin, plus superb performances from Laredo Kid and Matthew Rehwoldt!

Christian Cage Josh Alexander Chris Sabin Sami Callihan Eddie Edwards
IMPACT Wrestling

Last night's IMPACT Wrestling is precisely what a go-home show should consist of.

The matches and the promos throughout the show told every story you needed to know heading into Saturday's Victory Road special, while also subtly dropping potential arcs for further afield, such as 23 October's Bound For Glory.

The main event, for example, executed this wonderfully. It told the stories of Christian Cage vs. Ace Austin, Josh Alexander vs. Chris Sabin, and Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan vs. Moose and W. Morrissey, with all three contests going down on Saturday, while simultaneously teasing a Cage vs. Alexander bout for the future. Such a contest could happen at Bound For Glory should Alexander choose to cash in the X Division Title via Option C.

This was merely the tip of what IMPACT produced last night. Easily one of their greatest weekly shows of the year, everything clicked more or less, one iffy segment aside. Some of the company's newer stars - John Skyler, Matthew Rehwoldt, Steve Maclin - got the chance to look tremendous in different ways. Rehwoldt lost to Trey Miguel, but yet, he came away looking far more impressive based solely on this match.

Let's get to it...


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