7 Ups & 2 Downs From AEW Dynamite Grand Slam 2022

Jon Moxley is the king; Saraya makes epic debut; MJF commits the ultimate sin.

Saraya AEW

Even by his standards, Tony Khan built this f*cker up.

Just to clarify, this is what he is meant to do in his capacity as a wrestling promoter. He was particularly confident ahead of last night's show, claiming on Twitter that he was ready to deliver "The single best live event in New York this entire year". He promised that you won't want to miss Grand Slam. And, in true TK style, he hinted that he has something up his sleeve. The man has so many free agents up there that it's no wonder they call him Big Bicep Tone.

At least, they used to.

Khan was roundly jeered at the Albany tapings, when he was shown onscreen and later hyping up the Rampage taping in the building, because he mismanaged a situation that could drive the exits of CM Punk and or the Elite. And, since this affects virtually every AEW fan, they weren't remotely happy with him. Moreover, because MJF is so charismatic and talented - and went away for a while, which is guaranteed to get a talent more over - those fans might actually believe his anti-Tony Khan rhetoric.

Was Khan overcompensating on Twitter as a defence mechanism - or was Grand Slam truly something special?

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