7 Ups & 3 Downs For AEW Collision (16 September)

3. Another Toni Storm Masterclass

If you talked about a Toni Storm masterclass in previous years, it would likely be in reference to a brilliant in-ring outing from Toni. Nowadays though, Storm is delivering some absolutely magnificent character work outside of the ring.

Toni Storm: Portrait of a Star is just the latest example of how fantastic a job the former AEW Women's Champion is doing as the disillusioned, erratic star of yesteryear who's desperate to make sure she remains relevant. And in the ever-great RJ City, Storm had the perfect dance partner to play off her here.

Right now, Toni Storm is the most entertaining, interesting women on the AEW roster, and she's very much in the conversation for being the most entertaining, interesting talent in AEW, period.

Toni has fallen into a role that she is utterly killing. Throw in the fact that she's a brilliant worker, too, and you have someone who is one of the most vital pieces of the wider AEW puzzle at this point in time.

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