7 Ups & 3 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Oct 13 - Results & Review)

New SmackDown GM revealed; Roman Reigns vs. LA Knight in the works for WWE!

John Cena Roman Reigns Paul Heyman Solo Sikoa Bloodline

John Cena selflessly put any notions of a bumper rematch vs. Roman Reigns in Saudi Arabia to one side on this week's episode of SmackDown. In a cool moment, 'Super Cena' shoved LA Knight to the forefront of the Undisputed Title picture instead, and it now looks like the fast-rising babyface will be Roman's rival at Crown Jewel.

No-one will be mad at that.

That wasn't the only important piece of business conducted on Friday night. Triple H was in the house to reveal a brand new GM for SmackDown (yep, we're back to duelling General Managers on the top two shows), and Jade Cargill even dropped by to keep her face out there in front of WWE's casual fanbase.

So, how about the actual wrestling on this 'Season Premiere'? Two legitimately hot matches is nothing to sniff at, and there was a fun character piece for Pretty Deadly too. Sadly, a criminally-short women's match seemed like an afterthought, and there are worries for IYO SKY as a divisional focal point.

Here's some bad and a boatload of good from WWE's latest.


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