7 Ups & 5 Downs For AEW Collision (26 August)

This week's AEW Collision kept the wheels in motion as All In looms large.

AEW Collision CM Punk Terry Funk

Another week, another AEW Collision in the books.

For this week's Saturday show, it had the unenviable position of taking place the night before a major PPV, with its taped nature meaning spoilers were out online, and overall just being viewed by many as a Collision that you didn't particularly need to be going out of your way to see.

Still, the guys and gals of All Elite Wrestling delivered another solid, if not at times flawed, episode of Collision.

This time out, with All In looming on the horizon, in-ring-wise we had an opening six-man match with one eye on today's Stadium Stampede bout, we had a nice showcase outing for the Dark Order's Alex Reynolds and John Silver, we had Big Bill demolishing another enhancement talent, we had the ever-fun Willow Nightingale against Robyn Renegade, free agent 'Outlandish' Zicky Dice got a shot against Keith Lee, and there was an eight-man All Stars main event.

Elsewhere, Jack Perry looked to lay rest to the FTW Title, Le Faccion Ingobernable's Mexican adventure continued on, and another match was added to next weekend's All Out.

As a nice change, we also had ROH's Caprice Coleman filling in for Nigel McGuinness alongside Kevin Kelly to call the action. While McGuinness is phenomenal, it's always a welcome surprise to have Caprice on AEW programming in any capacity.

It may have been far from the best episode of AEW Collision, but we still got an overall good outing for this Saturday staple.

With all of that in mind, then, Saturday night's alright for fighting...

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