7 Ups & 6 Downs From WWE WrestleMania XX

The Beginning Of The End.

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Before the hole in his soul consumed him whole, there was a fondness for nostalgia and numerical neatness than Vince McMahon clung to when it came to the 'Show Of Shows'.

WrestleMania I's Madison Square Garden locale was an integral part of its success. McMahon wanted to present his product as the centre of the wrestling universe and picked the 'World's Most Famous Arena' to serve that exact purpose. His wounded ego was briefly healed by the pageantry of WrestleMania X's return "home". He didn't need Hulk Hogan - he had the hallowed halls of MSG hosting his New Generation.

WrestleMania XX's "Where It All Begins...Again" slogan was an inch-perfect tagline marketed by an organisation desperate to burst from the shackles of their long-dormant second boom. Millionaire McMahon was the king of his world and took the jewel in his crown back to its place of origin one final time.

His empire had grown enough that he'd be costing himself gate receipts to ever bother with it as a WrestleMania venue in the future, though he could do with a few more moments to erase one particularly dark chapter...

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