7 Ups & 8 Downs From Impact Wrestling (Dec 3)


8. Tedious Reporting

At the top of the show, Michael Elgin arrived at the venue for the evening, and was greeted by backstage reporter Gabby who asked 'Big Mike' if he was beating himself up for getting himself disqualified during the Elimination Challenge two weeks ago, with Elgin stating that he's ready to inflict pain on someone.

These sort of interviews are far too tedious. They add literally nothing to the show, or to the wrestlers involved. Michael Elgin is supposed to be positioned as one of the toughest members of the Impact roster, so why would he be angered at the fact that he's failed to earn an opportunity at the World Championship?

Sure, he does want the championship, but he's Michael Elgin. He can just fight his way back into the title picture. There's no reason for him to be lingering in the past.

Speaking of meaningless interviews...


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