7 Ups & 8 Downs From Last Night's WWE SmackDown (11 Oct)

The WWE Draft kicks off with a bang. Or was that just the sound of a Bayley Buddy getting axed?


A show that probably should have been the climax of WWE's Premiere Week considering the state of Sunday's WWE Hell In A Cell, the first edition of SmackDown on Fox was a beautiful and brilliant festival of WWE's best bullsh*t.

The set was stunning, the booking was shocking and The Rock was talking - it was all the best ingredients for a superb two-hour shift of Sports Entertainment. The company were even smart enough to tee up a gimmick for the second episode too, if only to prove that the near-four million viewing figure wasn't a total fluke.

It's Draft season!

A staple event for WWE any time the rosters are split, Drafts, Superstar Shake-ups et al have always found drama in the fundamentally undramatic. Never once have we the audience been given a storyline reason as to why red is better than blue or Monday better than Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, but that very question would unpick too many loose threads. Instead, let's make like the "war rooms" and celebrate/commiserate as appropriate!

In the immediate aftermath of the broadcast, it felt as though the latter dominated the discussion.


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