7 Ways WWE Should Continue Buddy Murphy’s Push

What's the next step for the Aussie following his recent rise?


Fans have been pleasantly surprised by the sudden rise of Buddy Murphy. The former Cruiserweight champion has gone from the ignored 205 Live to featuring across multiple nights of Raw and SmackDown Live. And it has actually been consistent.

Whereas we have seen other great talents get pushed and it goes nowhere, (Ali, Aleister Black, Heavy Machinery) Buddy Murphy has stayed relevant thus far. And has done it mostly on the sheer strength of his in-ring work.

Two excellent matches with the likes of Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan have showcased him well. And the angles have been solid too. Which, we all know, is one of the most important boxes to tick in order to get pushed in the WWE today.

Now coming off of this success, one has to wonder if they will continue moving the Australian up the card. And if so, will they keep it consistent once Reigns and Bryan aren’t involved? The aforementioned Aleister Black is now stuck in a physical and metaphorical box waiting for a knock on his door. There may be no other metaphor for WWE’s booking quite as perfect.

Let’s stay hopeful and think of ways they could continue his momentum, rather than kill it for once. After all, Murphy’s Law may end up being more than just Buddy’s finisher if his career is left in WWE creative’s hands.


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