7 WCW Jobbers Who Became WWE World Champions

From loser in one company to legend in another.

Bruiser Mastino Kane

The Monday Night Wars are still talked about the most exciting and pivotal time in the history of mainstream American wrestling.

The battle for ratings dominance between the WWF and WCW made for some of the most exciting television in the history of the industry and the latter going under and selling to the former changed the course of the business forever.

One of the most enthralling parts of the War was wondering who the next star would be to jump from one promotion to the other. Big names like Chris Jericho, The Giant, and The Radicalz all shocked the system when they joined the WWF and WCW's foundations were rocked by the arrivals of Lex Luger, Bret Hart, and the New World Order.

All of these names were big stars when they joined their new homes, but did you know that some of the most famous faces in WWF history were once completely faceless in WCW?

The history books are full of WCW enchancement talents who went on to do much greater things for their biggest rivals. All of these 7 individuals worked the lower card for Ted Turner before finding greater success feeding from the hand of McMahon.

Let's find out who they are.

7. Rob Van Dam

Bruiser Mastino Kane

Before he was changing the game in ECW, Rob Van Dam was changing his name for WCW.

Calling himself Robbie V, The Whole F'in Show made his WCW debut in January 1993 and wrestled a handful of matches for the promotion over the next six months.

Although he won a few matches, he was mostly used to put over names like Paul orndorff and The Barbarian. He would also clash with The Hollywood Blonds as part of a tag team match and once tangoed with future ECW star, Raven, under his Scotty Flamingo persona.

After floating around the indies and Japan for a while, Van Dam ended up in Extreme Championship Wrestling and made a huge name for himself.

This led to him being signed by the WWE in 2001 and, five years later, he would beat John Cena to become WWE Champion at ECW One Night Stand 2006.

A guy like Van Dam was never going to reach the main event somewhere like WCW. His high-flying offence and agility made him a perfect fit for the cruiserweight division, but this was definitely as high as he could have gone.

And if we know one thing about RVD, it's that he likes being high.


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