7 Worst WWE Drafts In History

With a very lackluster draft this year, where does it fall on the list of worst in WWE history?

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What a historic draft! It was full of twists and turns, rich storylines for the new brand split, and there was even some surprise big names left undrafted. Oh, I'm sorry that was about the 2002 WWF Draft. It certainly doesn't resemble that 13 times later.

We may have seen one of the most boring drafts of all time as a matter of fact. Overall, there were 28 picks keeping people exactly where they were. And that's being generous, leaving a few iffy cases such as Lesnar to SmackDown off.

If previous drafts were "shake-ups" (including the first one we had in 2019) this was decidedly different. This was much more stirred, not shaken. James Bond would be upset with the results. And so are the fans.

The two day event felt more like a waste of time than a big moment in shaping WWE's landscape going forward. But at least we had that blockbuster trade on WWE Backstage hosted by Renee Young and CM Punk, right?

Except we didn't get Punk back (yet?), and the trade was Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (who already took up two draft picks as a team, despite not needing to) to SmackDown for "draft considerations". To quote the great Kevin Owens, "whatever that means".

This isn't the first version of the concept where we've been disappointed. But is it the worst ever?

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