7 WrestleMania 32 Matches That Could Be Established At WrestleMania 31

7. Sting Vs The Undertaker

This one makes a whole world of sense. The Undertaker will be 51 and Sting 57 by the time of Mania 32. Next year is most likely their final match, so why not send them off into the sunset against each other? Both are also expected to be going into the Hall Of Fame next year as well. The Undertaker will be inducted because Mania is eminating from his home state of Texas. Sting is going in based on it being a year since his WWE debut (and probable win) at WrestleMania 31. It would be a neat tie-in if the two Hall Of Fame headliners were also main eventing the WrestleMania show in their acknowledged final match. It would be the realisation of the long fancied WCW vs WWF dream match. Everyone knows that The Undertaker is the WWE. Sting was that same man for WCW, and fans have been dreaming of Sting vs The Undertaker for over a decade. Maybe the reason it didn't happen this year is because WWE wanted to save it for next year's 100,000 seater show. The Undertaker wants to bow out in front of his home state fans with something special. The marquee reading The Undertaker vs Sting would achieve that. The setup at Mania 31 is simple: Sting is in the corridor being interviewed, when The Undertaker walks past. Both men pause briefly and stare at each other. It would say it all.
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