7 Wrestlers Who Were Murdered

The darker side of business...

Dino Bravo

Look at any list of deceased pro wrestlers and you're likely to notice that an awful lot of people passed away in their 40s, from an array of factors such as substance abuse, heart problems (often related to the former), and sheer ill fate. Any young death is tragic, but things become even more distressing when digging a little deeper to find those wrestlers who died prematurely because they were murdered.

Thankfully, such occasions are a rarity in the industry, but unfortunately not unheard of. The timeframe of subjects examined here range from the early 1960s right up until 2009, and (in the interest of respect) they will be listed chronologically. No death is more or less important than another.

All are sad accounts of what can go wrong for people who, on the surface, appeared to have it all. There are fatal disagreements between men considered friends, tragic tales of personal struggle away from the ring and more than one story about parties that went badly wrong.

This is the darker side of wrestling, and it's worth (respectfully) exploring...


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